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There are three types of cabinetry frames: Face Frame, Frameless/European style, and inset. In years past, it was common to stick build cabinetry on sight with face frame construction. Factories also picked up on this style to a forgiving allowance of using thinner plywood with less ply's. Using Face frame also saves on door and drawer costs as they become much smaller in sizes throughout.
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Custom cabinetry, design ideas, kitchen remodel planning by licensed contractor in Sarasota, Venice, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Siesta Key, Casey Key, Bradenton, Parrish, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, North Port, Sun City Center, Florida. Best choice for kitchen and bath cabinets in Sarasota and Venice FL. 
If you're seeking an old-world appeal, traditional period look, or contemporary / modern style we suggest going with a frameless / European style. Whether opting for a flush or overlay design, frameless / European cabinets provide more functional space as well as options availabilities.

If you are seeking a true "furniture" look to your cabinetry consider using inset or recessed style. This classic appearance can't be matched by face frame or Frameless. 
Custom cabinetry is only limited upon an imagination. Any style, color, size, or wood species is available. We specialize in custom made cabinetry. Often times in a small kitchen it isn't possible to utilize the factory sizes to the space at hand. Adornments and styles for designer kitchens are endless, and with custom made, your built-in cabinetry will have the classic look of quality made furniture. The true look of custom made cabinetry is unmistakably beautiful and if done correctly will endure a lifetime. 
We buy our factory made cabinetry direct from the manufacturer saving the expense and quality losses from third party vendors. Factory made cabinetry can be used for Kitchen, Bathroom, Vanities and can also be modified for other purposes such as built-in cabinetry. Factory made cabinetry does however have an industry standard size availability of 3" increments. This was developed to reduce waste and to uniform the industry. In other words if you need a cabinet size that cannot be divided by three without a remainder, it is not available from the factory.
Kitchen design styles that fit
Custom made cabinetry
Types of cabinetry
Framed, or face frame cabinetry uses a 1 1/2" to 4" "stile" or border frame and is designed to hide the imperfections of the plywood edges of the framed cabinet box and to give it strength and sturdiness. On face frame construction, the cabinet door is attached to the frames side. Fillers will be installed flush with the stile or frame. Keep in mind that face frame construction requires a loss of approximately 4" per drawer, and two inches per cabinet. Face frame cabinet boxes can be constructed using 3/8" plywood, 1/2" plywood, particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard.
Face frame cabinetry
Custom cabinetry available in frameless, overlay, and face frame.
Frameless / European style construction has no face frame and the cabinet doors are attached directly to the cabinet side. The doors cover the entire front of the cabinet box with a 1/16" to 1/4" reveal on each side which is called a full overlay. Fillers are installed flush with the doors giving the style continuity and uniform. Frameless cabinets are generally constructed using 3/4" - 11 ply maple or birch plywood giving it more strength and durability. Frameless / European style boxes allow wider drawers and cabinets as those in the same size with face frame. Frameless / European style cabinet boxes can also be constructed using 3/4" particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard).
Frameless, European style
Frameless/European style cabinetry
Face frame cabinetry
Inset cabinetry
Inset style cabinetry uses a frame construction however the doors and drawers are flush with the frame. This style will generally require the construction of 3/4" plywood to maintain it's tight fitting recessed doors and drawers. 

The three cabinet types share some similarities in materials but differ widely in construction. Your cabinetry design will ultimately depend on the overall budget and style that best fits your needs.
Inset cabinetry style
Convenient accessories for pots & pans 
Custom made kitchen cabinetry
Factory made cabinetry
Factory made cabinetry
Due to simpler construction methods and easier installations, face frame cabinetry is used for stock cabinetry. Because of U.S. government restrictions, stock cabinetry is now mainly produced in China. Stock cabinetry uses finger joint wood, 1/4" backing and 3/8" boxes. Stock cabinetry is often used for inexpensive remodels, dorm rooms, and flippers can't resist the low cost. Stock cabinetry is not meant to endure years of use in a family kitchen or bathroom. Be aware of the cabinetry that you are investing in. We have seen local kitchen retail stores  misrepresenting it and charging custom cabinet rates.  
Stock cabinetry
Stock kitchen cabinetry
 A successful kitchen design begins with an artistic vision, space planning and layout knowledge. The options for materials and accessories that complete your kitchen are limitless but the foresight to match the correct materials for functionality, aesthetic and budgetary purposes is critical. You need a master plan, and James Anderson is the master planner to help you with your kitchen design and complete remodel in Sarasota. 

Once we have your kitchen profile determined, it’s on to the layout and final selection process. There is much to consider in a kitchen remodel and we are here to help you every step of the way. Will your new kitchen design provide more functional working spaces, or perhaps walls need to be opened or re-located? Where is the best place for appliances, snack bars, pantries, cabinets? Do you need additional storage or accessibility? What type of cabinet door style and color finish work well in your home? What about cabinet accessories, such as spice racks, cookie sheet cabinets, lazy Susan’s or pull outs, or maybe even a built-in blender cabinet? 

There are also many options for countertops. Do you have a preference to Granite, Quartz, Marble, Solid Surface, Laminate, or maybe even concrete? And the back splash materials today have many patterns and textures to choose from. Everything including colors, solids, stains, textures from the flooring to the ceiling will need to be considered. Even the kitchen sink.

Kitchen appliances need to be chosen as well. There are standard size appliances and built-in appliances that fit inside of cabinets. Will the lighting be updated and under cabinet lights be installed? 
There is a multitude of options in a kitchen remodel to consider for appearance, durability and comfort and with the expert help of James Anderson the process will be easy and truly enjoyable with a beautiful final finish. Call or email us today for a free consultation. 
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